Click on one of the gramophones to listen to a sound sample of the Salon Orchester Hannover Grammophons. MP3 files are available for download. With regard to the load times and licences, these are only excerpts (about 45 sec.) from the CD's. Further examples you may find in the section CD. There are samples of all tracks of the CD's available.

Grammophone red right

<Example 1: Bel Ami


Excerpt from the CD "Bel Ami"

Example 2:

Happy days are here again:>

(Wochenend und Sonnenschein)

Foxtrot from the MGM film "Chasing Rainbows".

Excerpt from the CD "Bel Ami". Vocals: Volker Thies
gramophone yellow left
gramophone blue right

< Example 3: Waltz no. 2

Waltz from Jazz Suite by Dimitri Shostakovich,

Excerpt from the CD "Bel Ami"

Example 4: Tango Jealousie >

Tango. Solo- Violin: Bogdan Dragus

Excerpt from the CD "Bel Ami"

gramophone green left
gramophone violet right

< Example 5: Wir machen Musik

(We do the music)

Foxtrot from the movie

Excerpt from the CD "Bel Ami"


Example 6:  >
Vienna, O city of my dreams

Viennese song. Vocal: Volker Thies

Excerpt from the CD "Bel Ami"


gramophone red left
gramophone yellow right

< Example 7:
If Elizabeth did not have such nice legs...

Wenn die Elisabeth nicht so schöne Beine hätt'...

Foxtrot. Vocal: Asmus Krause, excerpt from the CD "Ich hab das Fräul' n Helen baden seh' n"

Example 8: Winter Wonderland >

Slowfox.Vocal: Asmus Krause

Excerpt from the CD "Christmas fantasies"

gramophone green left