History of

Salonorchester Hannover Grammophons

(formerly Ensemble des Fleurs)

The Salon Orchestra Hannover Gramophons "was founded in 1994 as Ensemble des Fleurs by members of both major Orchestras performing in Hannover (State Orchestra (Opera) and Radio Philharmonic (NDR)), and university music school in Hannover. The aim of the ensemble is the maintenance of salon music and the hits or . the dance- music of the first half of last century at a chamber music level.



In addition to its own concert programs, we also provide the musical setting for exclusive events, such as the artists' festivals in the opera Hanover, in Lower Saxony Polo Club, Expo 2000, the Wolfenbüttel Theaterball, the Press Ball Hanover, the Rose Festival in Bad Kissingen, 2008, the foreman Ball 2010 among others.



The repertoire of the salon orchestra is very diverse and extensive. It ranges from classical pieces of Mozart and Beethoven time on opera and Konzertpotpourris and Johann Strauss to the salon pieces of the time the ocean liner and pop songs and dance music of the 20s / 30s to songs of the 50s / 60s / 70s and 80s (about 400 titles).

This kind of music makes every event (including optical, costumes and props), elegance and an atmosphere reminiscent of the golden twenties and the era of the famous ball- rooms.